Key Staff

At Eco Marine we believe that our staff at are our greatest asset. In addition to the management team, Eco Marine is also supported by a network of associates who are able to assist with a vast array of disciplines.

David Alexander

Director & Principal Consultant

David is an experienced marine ecology consultant with a broad range of skills and extensive experience of working in the marine industry. He graduated from Newcastle University with an MSc in Tropical Coastal Management and from the University of Plymouth with a BSc in Ocean Science.

David has overseen the delivery of a significant number of marine monitoring programmes, impact assessment and site characterisations across a range of sectors including the marine aggregates, ports and offshore renewable industries and has been involved in the delivery of research projects for the UK Government. He specialises in providing expert marine advice on the impacts of major industrial and construction developments on the marine environment.

Prior to starting Eco Marine Consultants, David was previously Business Manager at Marine Ecological Survey Ltd, where he spent 8 years honing his skills in this sector.

David’s role at Eco Marine Consultants involves managing ongoing projects, providing technical expertise, participating in fieldwork and liaising with clients and regulatory authorities.

Ellie Maher

Senior Marine Consultant & Survey Manager

Ellie is experienced in a wide range of skills including benthic invertebrate and seaweed identification, survey planning & design, data analysis and technical reporting, all which have been developed through involvement in multi-sectoral projects. Ellie is responsible for multiple aspects of the business from survey design and planning to project management. She has specialist skills in the use of GIS and statistical packages which aid in the provision of first class survey design, mapping, data presentation and reporting. Having worked as a marine taxonomist for several years prior to becoming a consultant, Ellie has an excellent knowledge of coastal & marine habitats and fauna. This knowledge ensures a thorough understanding of the needs of individual projects as well as the status surrounding sensitive, rare and invasive non-native species in the UK.

Ellie has acted as Project Manager for numerous projects delivered by Eco Marine. Recently undertaken projects have demonstrated skills in developing methods for desk-based research projects, conducting literature reviews and data mining exercises as well as statistical investigations. Ellie’s field experience includes intertidal and subtidal surveys, Phase I and II habitat surveys as well as benthic grab and epibenthic trawl work.

Emma Delduca

Laboratory Manager

Emma Delduca is a highly accomplished taxonomist and a fellow of the Linnean Society who has had many years’ experience working within the marine environmental sector and managing macrofaunal labs. She graduated from the University of Wales, Swansea, with a BSc in Marine Biology and since then has worked for and with several different marine consultancies, educational facilities and aquariums as a sample processor, project manager and in an educational role. As a well-practiced lab manager, Emma has processed marine macrofaunal samples from all over the world from varying habitats and across a range of sectors. She has authored a number of technical peer-reviewed taxonomic journal papers and been instrumental in creating and running a wide variety of training courses on marine faunal identification topics for both students and professionals. She was also highly involved in outreach activities engaging children from both primary and secondary schools in marine science activities. She has a vast range of experience working intertidally and subtidally around all coasts of the UK.

Additionally Emma is highly skilled in a range of survey techniques and assists the team with business development, the production of consultancy outputs and quality assurance.

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