The Eco Marine consultancy team can provide assistance throughout your project from inception to post-construction phases. We can support any development in the early stages through the preparation of necessary documentation including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Statements (ES) and Habitats Regulation Assessments (HRA) to assure that all ecological aspects are accounted for prior to planning being granted. We also offer support and advice throughout active development phases to optimise the environmental viability of any project. Additionally, we provide post-development assistance necessary to establish any ecological divergence from baseline conditions following the completion of a development.

Eco Marine Consultants are able to help you with:

  • Gaining regulatory approval for marine development projects
  • Marine licence applications
  • Ecological sensitivities of the marine environment
  • Ecological variability within the marine environment
  • Ecological enhancement programmes
  • Appropriate mitigation strategies
  • Survey design and conduct
  • Operating within the vicinity of marine protected areas (MPAs) and marine conservation zones (MCZs)

All of our consultancy staff are highly trained in the use of spatial analysis tools such as ArcGIS as well as multivariate statistical analyses to ensure that the outputs provided by our team are meaningful, rigorous and clear. Please refer to ourĀ GIS Mapping & Data ServicesĀ page for more details on these specific capabilities.

Thanks to our ability to offer consultancy, field and lab analysis services, Eco Marine is ideally set up to act as a single stop for all of your marine environmental requirements.

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