GIS Mapping & Data Analysis

The Eco Marine team recognise the importance of the availability of marine data and its clear presentation to our clients. We use industry leading software to present geographic information systems (GIS) and statistical analyses as standard in all of our projects where suitable to do so.

GIS Mapping

Our consultants are skilled in using GIS as a tool to examine features and patterns within the marine environment. Presenting biological, chemical and physical data spatially in all of our report publications allows us to present findings in a transparent and coherent format. Our team have applied GIS techniques to a variety of projects from the production of habitat maps to examining socio-economic goods and services provided by coastal and marine environments.

Data Analysis

At Eco Marine, we are able to analyse data resulting from field work carried out by our own field team or data sets provided by our clients. All data are subject to both univariate and multivariate statistical analyses where appropriate. We always employ the most appropriate analysis routines to ensure that findings are both reliable and rigorous. We regularly use Primer software for multivariate analyses amongst other packages and would be happy to assist you with any data analysis needs that you may have.

Eco Marine maintain strict quality control procedures to ensure accuracy within all of our data sets and reporting deliverables. All of our data comply with MEDIN metadata standards where possible and we are committed to practising good data management. Additionally, our staff have undergone specialist MEDIN training to ensure that where applicable, our data are both discoverable and useful.

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