Macrobenthic Sample Analysis

At Eco Marine, we are accomplished in the collection, processing and identification of benthic and epibenthic macrofauna. Our lab facilities enable us to accurately process samples in an expedient time frame while the knowledge of our experienced taxonomists ensures precise results. We are able to accommodate all stages of sample processing from sample sieving, faunal extraction, faunal identification, biomassing and the production of client reference collections.

Eco Marine’s lab capabilities include the following:

  • Intertidal and subtidal macrofaunal sample processing
  • Biomassing
  • Specimen measuring for bird food resource assessments
  • Rare and alien species identification
  • Fish stomach contents analysis
  • Shellfish biometric assessment
  • Stills and video expert analysis
  • Reference collection assembly

Our taxonomic team and network of reliable and experienced associates have a wealth of experience and have processed samples collected from around the world from the British coastline to deep sea samples collected from the west of Africa. With extensive combined experience, the Eco Marine lab team and our external associates have a first-class knowledge of marine macrofauna found in a variety of environments from the intertidal region to the deep sea.

Eco Marine maintain a large collection of taxonomic literature and ensure that all keys used for the identification of fauna are up to date and appropriate for the geographic area of focus. Eco Marine is a member of the NE Atlantic Marine Biology Analytical Quality Control (NMBAQC) Scheme which offers external quality assurance for laboratories engaged in the production of marine biological data.

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