Subtidal Survey

The Eco Marine team are highly experienced in the planning and conduct of subtidal surveys. Every survey undertaken by Eco Marine is rigorously designed to meet the requirements of each project specification using statistical techniques and years of valuable experience working in coastal estuarine conditions.

Eco Marine employ specialist methods to collect data in a variety of environments and guarantee quality at all phases of survey, from design and data collection to the safe delivery of samples and data. Our team have worked on a wide variety of projects from examining single features such as Annex I reef and seagrass beds to regional assessments, demonstrating our in-depth understanding of the functioning of marine ecosystems.

Our marine survey capabilities include the following:

  • Subtidal ecology surveys
    • Mid-water and epibenthic trawls
    • Hamon and Day grab sampling
    • Drop down video
    • Seabed imagery
  • Fish ecology surveys
    • Beam and Otter trawls (mid water and epibenthic)
    • Shellfish assessment surveys
    • Target species surveys to examine ecological behaviour
  • Sediment sampling
    • Particle Size Analysis (PSA)
    • Sediment collection for contaminant analysis

All of our field staff are fully trained in advanced health and safety procedures, possess ENG1 Seafarers medical certification and have undergone Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved STCW95 sea survival training. All field work is undertaken with health and safety considerations in mind, and full risk assessments and emergency response procedures are always strictly followed during every survey.

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