Ecological Enhancement of Coastal Developments

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As a team of highly trained marine ecologists, our consultancy team at Eco Marine has extensive experience in advising on the ecological enhancement and conservation of coastal developments. We specialize in desk-based investigations, data mining and literature reviews focusing on benthic, epibenthic, estuarine and coastal ecology. Work we have recently undertaken has included literature review processes on targeted faunal groups and fish species which may be impacted by development and how ecological enhancement of structures may reduce these impacts. We have produced numerous reports on ecological enhancement of coastal environments and engaged with stakeholders on how best to optimise the ecological viability of estuarine and coastal developments.

Our consultancy team have recently provided specialist advice to clients regarding the ecological enhancement of their development structures. This can be achieved through a range of innovative adjustments to the design of the development itself, additions to the structures which will promote the natural colonisation of local habitats and species or through habitat compensation.

If you have any enquiries or concerns regarding the environmental impacts of an estuarine, coastal or marine development project, no matter the stage of development, please feel free to contact us.

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