Macroalgal Identification in the Field and in the Lab

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One of our Marine Consultants, Bethany Reed, recently completed the British Phycological Society’s “Collecting and Identifying Seaweeds” course at the University of Plymouth Marine Station. The course provided a great opportunity to gain further knowledge about species classification as well as other macroalgal topics such as reproduction and invasive species. Experts from Belfast University, MarineSeen, the Natural History Museum, and the University of Plymouth led the course which involved both identification in the field and in the lab.

The skills gained during this course will aid Eco Marine in conducting a range of intertidal assessment projects by adding to our existing macroalgal identification expertise. The identification of macroalgal species is particularly useful in assigning biotopes and habitat types in the field and during video/stills analysis as they are often major defining aspects of habitats, especially in rocky shore environments.

Eco Marine is committed to ensuring our staff receive the best training to guarantee that we deliver first class services across a range of coastal and marine environments.

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