Marine Mammal Observer and PAM Training

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Our Senior Marine Consultant, Ellie, recently undertook JNCC approved training for Marine Mammal Observer (MMO), Protected Species Observer (PSO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) course at Seiche Training in Devon. Each of the courses focussed on specific regulations, best practice and policy relating to the mitigation of sound in the marine environment with the objective of preventing harm to marine mammals.

The course involved both field and classroom elements and a large portion of the course was dedicated to the use of PAMGuard, open-source software designed to aid in identification and location of marine mammals. This course equipped our staff with all the skills necessary to become a PAM operator and included real-time vessel practice to collect acoustic data from real-time recording. The MMO/PSA courses focussed on noise impacts on marine mammals, relevant legislation, record-keeping, reporting requirements and mitigation both in the UK and in the Gulf of Mexico.

With an increase in marine mammal sightings and strandings along the British coastline, it is increasingly important for all coastal and offshore developments to take appropriate action to mitigate against impacts on animals. The investment in advanced training in the marine mammal field demonstrates Eco Marine’s commitment to adopting the best practices for all marine environmental monitoring. To discuss your project requirements regarding marine mammals and sound mitigation, please get in touch.

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