Pegwell Bay Monitoring

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Last summer, Eco Marine was commissioned by Collaborative Environmental Advisers (CEA) Ltd) on behalf of Nemo Link Ltd to conduct a post-construction intertidal monitoring survey at Pegwell Bay, Kent. This 3-year post-construction survey covered the cable route established in 2017 and followed a 1-year post-construction survey, also carried out by the Eco Marine team in 2018. This series of surveys allowed the team to assess any changes to the foreshore that may have occurred following cable burial and to assess any changes to the site.

Pegwell Bay is subject to several conservation designations due to its importance as a feeding area for wading birds and for the fauna and flora of the surrounding saltmarshes and coastal fringe habitats; many of which were observed by our field team during the Phase I and Phase II surveys.

All our findings were presented in a technical report describing the benthic communities, epibenthic communities and habitat distributions within the survey area. The completion of this survey fulfils the terms set out for the ecological monitoring program in the original EIA.

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